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Worthwhile Wedding Apps

While I will always profess that no app can replace a real life, human wedding planner, there are numerous wedding apps that are a tremendous help during this process. Apps helps us stay centered as we work through complicated group projects at work, order delivery, and even buy online! It is only natural during any aspect of the wedding planning process that your think, ‘Is there an app for that?’.

Bliss by Sam Mobile Webpage


Essentially this is an app that creates an app for your wedding. It serves as a central application to collect and house all your wedding related items like registries, accommodation information, unlimited photo capturing (with different albums for each wedding related activity), event board, and map. One of signature features is that it aggregates guest photos (whether from the event itself or an activity – like a photo booth) in one place. Available for ios and android. Oh, and it’s free!


If you follow us on Twitter you know we love the content and design inspiration that Loverly™ offers to brides. It helps you search for design inspiration and share these ideas with vendors and your wedding planner with ease. The signature item with Loverly™ is that you can click through to buy directly (saving you time and stress!). Available in ios and android. Free.


This is basically a reinvention of the traditional registery, allowing you to include items for your household through traditional registry means, but enhances the experience by allowing you include items from any website, add experience activities (like cooking classes or adventure experiences), and import cash funds. Plus, if your inner five year old self gets a rush by the notion of gifts, it will alert you real time when something has been taken off the registry (oh… and that’s good for your guests too I suppose). A key feature is that their barcode scanner allows you and your fiance to scan any gift from anywhere onto your registry using your iPhone or iPad camera. Available on ios.

Have a great app recommendation for our to-be-brides? Share with us below, we love to hear what is helping you though this process.


Sam H.

Note: That we are not being asked to endorse any of these apps, nor are we responsible for any issues that may arise while using these third party apps.



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