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Same Sex Wedding Inspiration

Though a bit overdue, I’m here with a wedding round up I’ve been so looking forward to! Today I’ve chosen some of the neatest same sex wedding finds. As for any wedding, when incorporating personal touches we like to make sure they are subtle, but cheeky. You know what I’m saying right? No loud over the top princess references because the girl has dreamed of a fairy tale day (literally!). Same goes with same sex weddings. Obviously, we want to make nods to the groom-groom or bride-bride, but with an understated and elegant approach.

As per usual, let me know in the comments section if I’m missing an essential find, I love hearing what you all think is cool too. AND remember, we’re here for LGBTQ wedding planning needs too! Without further ado, let’s look at these spectacular finds!

Mr and Mr Same Sex Wedding Pinata

Photo Courtesy of The Perfect Pinata


I love this Mr. & Mr. heart shaped piñata for obvious reasons — they’re crazy fun and wild (see our bridesmaid post for more on my piñata feelings). For a chill joint bachelor party, I’m sorry but this just looks wild fun and who says the prizes can’t be a bit naughty? And for our lesbian couples, there is a fun Mrs. & Mrs. piñata for you too!

Oh, and did you notice the seller is from Charlotte, North Carolina? Wait for the trend to continue!

Same Sex Gay Pride Wedding Champagne Flutes

Photo Courtesy of Mary Elizabeth Arts

Wedding Day

Remember how we discussed fine detail touches? I love an artistic touches that speak volumes, so #sorrynotsorry a rainbow garland champagne flute just does it for me. Yes, it showcases gay pride, and yes, it is on point. No need to be overt on your wedding day, but I do think there is something to be said for a fun touch like a meaningful champagne flute to toast your new marriage! AND, the flutes can be personalized and kept as lasting keepsakes.

Oh, funny this spectacular seller is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina :]

Same Sex Tuxedo Wedding Thank You Cards

Photo Courtesy of Designing Moments

Sending Thanks

I love these same sex wedding thank you notes, not only because the tuxedo-tuxedo design is darling, but also because I like how simple they are. Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple stupid, right? I’m all for ease, especially when you’re writing up hundreds of thank you notes. I digress. Back to the cards, these tuxedo-tuxedo cards are perfect to express those thank yous either after the big day or shower. They have a bit of a rustic theme and showcase homemade stationary attention (and the best part is you messy arts and craft project necessary!). And for our lesbian newly engaged looking at our post check out these fun bride-bride thank you notes!

So what other fun same sex wedding items caught your eye? Share them with us all below! And congrats on your big day!


Sam H.



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