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River North Chicago Wedding

Today on the blog we’re so excited to share with you one of our gorgeous couples – Michael Moody and Sammy Ojeda. Michael and Sammy’s love story started in River North so it only makes sense that they celebrate their wedding in stunning River North Chicago too.


The saying goes, if you want something, you go after it – and that’s exactly what Sammy did. Michael and Sammy’s story begins with Michael trying to keep it professional at their River North Business Association meeting. But Sammy put her foot down and asked when he was going to take her on a proper date. It only took one date for Michael to know that Sammy was something special!

Michael and Sammy were married on April 30, 2016. The whole day’s events spoke to Michael and Sammy as a couple, and was deeply personal in sentiment. The couple opted for an intimate venue (Hubbard Inn) and personalized the event with handwritten vows and the offering of flowers to parents. As a sweet memory of this special wedding day, Michael and Sammy chose to merge red and white wine during the ceremony, something they plan to do every year on their anniversary.


To other engaged gals, pay particular attention the the rose gold details throughout! It’s a favorite of Sammy’s and you’ll see it in her rings, robe, and floral selections. This attention to detail made for an extraordinarily beautiful wedding.


We were so happy to be joined for this wedding with our creative professional friend Elizabeth Nord Photography (check out our interview with her for a few of Michael and Sammy’s engagement photos). As many of you are aware, Elizabeth was also the talent behind Winna and Ernest’s Chicago wedding.


So please join us as we relive the beauty, vibrancy, and tears of joy surrounding this loving marriage between Michael and Sammy.





































    • Makeup Artist: Gaby Raguso with Glamd





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