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February 2017: Bliss Buzz – Advice for the Newly Engaged

Hey everybody. Welcome to the February edition of Bliss Buzz. For those of you who are new, welcome! This is my monthly video where I talk about what’s going on with me, and I give tips to those of you who are planning your wedding.

So here it goes. What’s going on with me? Well I’ve been away from you guys for months, and I’m so sorry but, I’ve just been busy with my personal travel. So in December I went to Hawaii with my mom for her 75th birthday over Christmas Day. Then in January my best friend got married and we went to St. Thomas for her wedding. So, Sawyer and I partied together for six days and it was great. So if you missed that, follow us on Instagram to see what you missed. So that’s what’s been going on with me.

So now it’s engagement season and it’s time to get back into the thick of things. So actually today I’m standing outside on the balcony of Del Frisco’s on Oak Street in Chicago. Yes, I’m outside with no coat in February, and I’m sure I’ll pay for it later, but that’s okay. We just had a fabulous lunch here. So if you’re still looking for a place to have your rehearsal dinner or bridal shower or even your entire wedding, definitely come to check them out here at Del Frisco’s. The food was amazing!

And then it’s February so it’s my favorite month, cause it’s the month of love. Everyone knows I love, love. Yes, I’m cheesy like that. Yeah, so, for all of you who are about to get engaged for Valentine’s Day, congratulations in advance. And for all of you who are already engaged from Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s, congrats to you as well. So here are my two tips for you that I give every time this year:

  • (1) Breathe – take a second and enjoy your engagement
  • (2) Set the Budget – it doesn’t matter what things cost, it matters what you have to spend
  • (3) {Bonus Tip} Set your Guest List – because you have to know how much you’re going to spend for each person

So those are my main three tips. Also don’t forget that when you’re doing your budget, don’t forget about tax and don’t forget about gratuity. In Chicago, tax is 11.5% and gratuity runs anywhere from 22 – 24%. Okay? So if you’re looking at $10,000, it’s not $10,000, it’s $10,000, plus tax, plus gratuity. So keep that in mind. That’s my tip for this month for you guys.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you all. Thank you so much for following us and I’ll talk to you next month.



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