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Best Chicago Wedding Reception Venues

For this month's feature from Sam, we're talking my favorite Chicago Wedding Reception Venues. One of the lucky treats about being a wedding planner in Chicago are the wedding venues! Weddings have a host of options at their disposal for memorable events about the city, including by Lake Michigan, near Millennium Park, at one of the museums, or (if you're a foodie!) at a great restaurant.


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Trendy Tuesday: Inside The Lines

Happy Tuesday! Again, no hot mess story this week which is surprising, but its still early. Unless you count me jumping a fence this weekend and ending up with a million bruises and really sore arms (clearly I have no upper body strength). To make up for my lack of funny, disastrous story, I'm writing about a super fun trend instead. Stripes!  ...Continue Reading

Trendy Tuesday: Mad Libs RSVP Cards are_______ (adj)

Ciao Ciao! In all honesty, I forgot today was even Tuesday. I was too busy being grumpy about living in this Chicago snowglobe to remember, as usual. But my hotmess-ness aside, this post makes me super happy. Maybe because I'm really a six year old at heart but that's not important. What is important is Mad Libs themed RSVP cards! For those of you who (for whatever ungodly terrible reason) don't know what Mad Libs is, its a little story with a bunch of key words left out. You usually fill it in without reading the story first and then BAM. Hysterical, most likely inappropriate, story.

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Trendy Tuesday: Baby Got Back

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day and found a way to stop binge eating all that candy (unlike me....oops). So in my desperate attempt to escape from this miserably cold Chicago winter, I started looking at summer weddings and fell crazy in love with back detail dresses. They're so pretty and unexpected and really make the gown so much more interesting. And I really really love that there are so many totally different ways to do a back detail without being like every other bride out there.


Like these gorgeous backless dresses. They're scandalous in all the right ways without making your grandma chase you around with a sweater all night (if your grandma doesn't do this, you can borrow mine).

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Location, Location, Location: Awesome Places to Pop the Question

No bride has ever bragged about the time her husband proposed to her outside of the Dairy Queen after a romantic night at the County Fair.  (Actually, there may be one or two ladies out there with that story... but they shouldn't be bragging.)  Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that location is everything.  All couples have their special spots:  where they first met; where they went on their fiirst date; where they shared their first kiss...  But finding a truly magical spot can make any proposal unforgettable.


Therefore, I have picked just a couple of spot on this big blue marble we call Earth to highlight as the best places to pop the question.

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