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A Wedding Planners Best Kept Secrets

Today we’re chatting and spilling some of our wedding planner’s best kept secrets. While our secrets of a planner guide is intended to be far more comprehensive, this set of secrets is intended to be a few of the detailed “pro tips” that lend to success prior to your big day. Think of this list a your “checklist” of items, ensuring all the ‘i’s have been dotted and the ‘t’s crossed.

If you like this feature, FYI stay tuned! Our next post will help cover some of the best secrets for the ceremony and reception.

1. Plan the Destination Wedding/Honeymoon ASAP

Popular dates during the year book up quickly for destination weddings in much the same way they do stateside. That means, it is to your benefit if you can select a destination as soon as possible. Enter a professional travel agent or expert destination wedding planner to help guide the process. We’re experts in the field, so we’ll help you navigate and select a destination that is on budget, on theme, and on brand for your overall wedding vision and ambiance.

Looking to get a head start and do some independent research? Seek out resources like The Honeymoon Handbook . This book is Lonely Planet’s first dedicated honeymoon guide, and can help inspire the process of choosing an ideal destination wedding or honeymoon.

Or feel free to check out our roundup of top destination wedding venues too!

2. Seize Free Money

Stay in-tune with opportunities that allow you to maximize your wedding and honeymoon options. Right now as the US Virgin Islands look to celebrate their 100th birthday they are offering vacationers $300 to put toward activities. You need to stay a minimum of three nights and book before October 1 — so get on it! Details and more info. Remember, no passport is necessary.

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3. Take Time for Just the Two of You

Planning a wedding is a super stressful time of life for both brides and grooms. Please remember to make your relationship a #1 priority. Take time each week to connect with each other and make it a “no wedding planning talk” zone so you two can truly unwind. We love this concept of “Date Night In” and there’s a service that can facilitate that activity — DateBox. They ship everything for the perfect occasion right to your door, how cool and convenient is that?

4. Achieve an Inspired Engagement Photo Session

When thinking how to inspire you and your partner for engagement photos, think about what relaxes you two. For some its a flute of bubbly as you get ready for your glamour shoot. For others it can be creating a photo shoot playlist. Think about it, all the top models tend to pump themselves with tunes prior to a big shoot, you should too. This is your big debut as a couple, shine, shine, shine!

5. Plan for Alterations

Time and time again we see brides forget to allocate money in their dress budget for alterations. Nearly every gown needs some form of adjustment to make sure it is “custom made” for your body. These alterations can run as high as $500 – $700, depending on how much work is necessary. Be sure to ask your bridal salon how much you should expect alterations to run as you consider dresses if staying on budget is an absolute must.

I hope these wedding planning secrets help you consider a few of the finer details in planning your big day! Comment below if any other key questions come to mind.



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