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Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

I’m really excited to do this post today, largely because it is such a significant event in any marriage – the vow renewal. What is more meaningful than saying “I do” and recommitting oneself to that promise you made 5, 10,15, or 50 years prior. Simply nothing. That’s just plain romantic.

Today we’ve rounded up some spectacular finds to help inspire you during this occasion. And remember, if you’re doing your vow renewal up big – an event planner can help with the ease of all that. Now without further ado . . .

Wedding Vow Renewal Invitation

Photo Courtesy of Willow Lane Stationary


Obviously, you need to let people know you’re planning a renewal ceremony and party. I like to keep it understated for the vow renewal ceremony – with two exceptions, 25 and 50 years warrant a more elaborate invite. I love this vow renewal postcard because it is not only stunning and well-designed, but it also let’s people feel a bit more at ease. Part of the joy of a renewal is not only the excitement of saying “I do” all over again, but the ease of having done “it” before. By now every couple has likely had bumps in the road and over come these, and that’s part of the charm, appeal, and delight of having a vow renewal ceremony – realizing not everything has to be perfect.

Back to the postcard. The design is a digital file, allowing for greater flexibility in printing, and is available in a variety of colors and styles (just check Willow Lane Stationary for greater selection).

Vow Renewal Photo Prop

Photo Courtesy of Liddabits. Photography by The Studio B Photography


Of course, photo booths are still all the craze – and I’m still on board for this trend (sorry, goofy pictures showcasing your family and friends in their natural personality). Consistent with the more laid-back and creative theme of the ceremony, I like to choose a more artistic photographer for the vow renewal (different photographer styles, certainly bring new perspective to the event) and certainly incorporate a photo booth for the guests. Use this photo prop for spectacular posed or booth shot as part of your day for a standout photo. Nothing is so amazing as saying “We Still Do”. There are a variety of colors to choose from and even a variety of messages.

Vow Renewal Cake Topper

Photo Courtesy of Wyale Designs

Of course any celebration is incomplete without the inclusion of dessert – a vow renewal cake! Adorn the cake with this celebratory message cake topper to help all guests feel the love after years of marriage to one another. Be sure to check out the variety of styles for the topper as well as material colors. This cake topper has the option of becoming the keepsake in your home for years to come.

Note, like many of the other items included there are a variety of milestone anniversary years to choose from.

Wedding Vow Renewal Spoons

Photo Courtesy of Spoon Tracker

Lastly, I love meaningful tokens that are included in an event simply for the delight of the bride and groom – in this case husband and wife. Ready to get cheeky? I love this “still spooning” vintage silver plate spoon set for the blissfully married couple. The spoons are packaged in a nice gift box and are perfect for an anniversary meal (or dessert).

Are any of you planning on a vow renewal ceremony? I’d love to hear what your plans are for the big day (again!).


Sam H.



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