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Wedding Professionals We Love – Elite Personal Chefs

Bliss by Sam loves showing off our creative partner love, and we’re excited to spotlight Chicago’s mouth-watering caterer–Elite Personal Chefs. Austin Yancey, Executive Chef and CEO, offers his insider expertise on how to make sure your guests are satiated and satisfied. We’re so thrilled to be able to spotlight Chef Austin Yancey as a Bliss Professionals We Love. We sat Austin down to talk cuisine, event experiences, and wedding catering!

Elite Personal Chefs

BBS: How long have you been in business?

EPC: Elite Personal Chefs was started in 2011 as a side project. It is now going into its sixth year as a full fledged business and growing every day.

BBS: What is one thing you wish everyone knew about Elite Personal Chefs?

EPC: I have a talented team of chefs who do a great job of interacting with our guests. All of our chefs have high-level culinary backgrounds so there is really nothing we can’t do when it comes to food. Whether we’re cooking a dinner for 10 people or 200 people, I love the opportunity to showcase our talent and what makes our product unique.

BBS: What is the most creative thing you’ve ever done when catering for a couple?

EPC: We recently did an engagement brunch for a couple from out of town. We created an intimate table setting on the roof of our office building and had our team bring up each course from our kitchen.

When the guests arrived, they had their own private table with a panoramic view of downtown Chicago. We prepped glasses of champagne and served a six course brunch menu after the groom proposed. Thankfully, she said yes!

Elite Personal Chefs Chicago Wedding Caterer

BBS: What inspires you?

EPC: I think the dream of being an entrepreneur is my biggest inspiration. Building something from scratch and creating a sustainable and successful business is extremely difficult but extremely rewarding. That dream is my motivation and driving force every day to take what we’ve built so far and continue growing.  

BBS: What is the best piece of advice you can give a client?

EPC: Think of the event as an experience, not simply dinner and ask questions! Most Chefs love to talk about what they do and why.

BBS: Why do you like working with wedding planners?

EPC: Wedding planners really help to make our job easier. They have every detail of the event covered and its great to have them as the point of contact. Weddings are always stressful but planners do a great job of putting the bride and groom (and sometimes parents) at ease and effectively communicating details to the caterer.

BBS: What’s new/hot in your industry, and how are you offering it?

EPC: In our particular market, we have seen a growing popularity in interactive dinners that provide the client with cooking and/or food education rather than simply eating a chef-prepared dinner. Live actions stations are also popular allowing client and chef interaction with up close and personal view for guests.

BBS: What is your favorite hidden gem in Chicago?

EPC: I don’t know how hidden it is anymore, but I’d have to say my favorite small spot is High Five Ramen. I love the dungeon feel and the menu is out of this world.  

Thanks for chatting with BBS about all things delicious, savory, and wedding Austin!

Chef Austin Yancey

Chef Austin Yancey

Executive Chef and CEO, Elite Personal Chefs

Elite Personal Chefs was designed and created by Chef Austin Yancey to offer an elite level of culinary services. Elite Personal Chefs strives to make your wedding day stress-free and flawless. From the beginning of the planning of the wedding to the last song, Elite Personal Chefs are with you every step of the way. They will create a menu just for you, from scratch, with any special requests and adjustments.




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