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Wedding Professionals We Love – Kate Johnson Artistry

Bliss by Sam loves showing off our creative partner love, and we’re excited to spotlight one of Chicago’s most talented makeup and hair artists, Kate Johnson of Kate Johnson Artistry. We’re so excited to be able to feature Kate Johnson Artistry as a Bliss Professionals We Love. We sat Kate down to talk makeup and beauty trends.

BBS: How long have you been in business?

KJA: For four years I’ve been running a bridal team.

BBS: What is one thing you wish everyone knew about Kate Johnson Artistry?

KJA: That when I look at amazing artists they are people that not only do bridal but also do television, film and celebrities when they come into town. We have a diverse resume to make sure people can feel like themselves and not like another bride.

BBS: What is the most creative thing you’ve ever done for a bride’s look?

KJA: Last year I had a bride who had a ‘Rave’ themed wedding at a club. It was over the top fabulous! We started creating wigs with LED lights and special fx pieces for the bride and her ladies. The creative process was amazingly fun, and even though some things eventually changed, I loved getting to know the bride and helping bring her vision to life.

BBS: What inspires you?

KJA: In life. . . someone who wants to take take a hold of their dream even if it is not what the “norm” is.

BBS: What is the best piece of advice you can give a client?

KJA: Be honest and open. Know what you like and trust someone to take your vision to the next level. With all the puzzle pieces that need to be put together, your vendors can help you make it the most beautiful and relaxing day possible.

BBS: Why do you like working with wedding planners?

KJA: It makes everyones life SO EASY! A great planner has all the puzzle pieces organized. We can go to them with any question so as to not bother the bride. They have everything running like a well-oiled machine. It takes the pressure off the bride and her family, and allows them to enjoy the day fully.

BBS: What’s new/hot in your industry, and how are you offering it?

KJA: What’s hot right now is a beauty concierge and we do it a lot! It’s having your beauty team come in and not only take care of the bride and her ladies, but also run down to where the men are, make sure they are polished looking, their ties are straight and boutonnieres are on, and they are ready for pictures. We go with the bride to her photos to make sure everything is perfect from her veil to her train, make final touches before the ceremony, and even change things into a party look before the reception. It is an awesome value and helps make sure that a bride feels her best the entire day!

BBS: What is your favorite hidden gem in Chicago?

KJA: Chicago Vintage Garage – It is a once-monthly vintage show that sells everything at garage sale prices. I go broke every time!

Thanks for chatting with BBS about all things bridal makeup Kate!

Kate Johnson Artistry

Kate Johnson Artistry

Makeup and Hair Artist

Phone: 847-401-7765

Web: http://katejohnsonartistry.com/


Email: Kate@KateJohnsonArtistry.com



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