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Ready to (Wedding) Light It Up?

Like any photographer will tell you, lighting is everything. Not only is it instrumental in capturing a perfect portrait or photo, it also makes the difference in ‘setting the mood’. Any good event planner will be the first to tell you that lighting is factor worth considering not only for a ceremony, but also the reception. In honor of this essential wedding planning consideration we’ve curated some really ‘bright’ (see the fun word play here?!) wedding finds for your big day. Let’s light it up!

String Lights Wedding Save the Date

Photo Courtesy of The Munch

Setting the Mood

Set the ambiance for the entirety of your wedding celebration with these darling string of lights wedding save the date postcards. There are two aspects I particularly love about these postcards. First, the charming graphics can be customized to match the colors of your wedding (though this sample’s coloring seems spot on for me!). Secondly, they’re so simple and brilliant. This postcard conveys a fun, relaxed, and memorable event — the save the date sets the tone for the event– which is perfect! Count me in.


String Light Wedding Flowers

Photo Courtesy of Ruby and Cosette

Amplifying the Wattage!

Setting the mood is an essential aspect of the table decor at your reception. You all know I’m partial to candles–basically the most soft, glowing lighting ever–but can really appreciate any dose of tableside lighting. That’s why I love the notion of these string light flowers. I love the notion of them interweaved with real floral bouquets a bride might otherwise have down a long banquet-sized table. What a cozy and natural touch these flowers can add to the experience. Conceptually I love the notion of a lighted guestbook or dessert table area, and that these could be stylistically carried over seamlessly. Best part? With care, they can be reused. Can you say spring garden party gorgeousness?

Wedding Marquee Sign

Photo Courtesy of The Rusted Barn

Looking for something with a bit more of an ‘impact’ or drama? Yep, we’ve got you covered too. Set the mood with this Mr. and Mrs. marquee sign. Are you a bride who always wanted you have your big day ‘up in lights’? Well now you can. Literally! This sign is made of recycled metal and is a visually stunning sight to witness at an event. Looking to highlight your love (here at Bliss by Sam Wedding Planning we love love)? There’s a marquee for that too.


Are you ready to light em up up up, light em up up up, light em up up ? Show us your happy faces (of course in your best lighting)!


Sam H.



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