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A Sweetheart Wedding

I get really excited with Valentine’s Day approaching; after all, there is so much overlap with the wedding world. Hearts, love, and romance, all speak engagements and joyous couples! Today we’re looking to Valentine’s Day and their love of hearts for our wedding inspiration, and boy do we have a set of cool ideas. Today’s post gives new meaning to the old phrase – the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach

Printsicle Wedding Cookie Cutter

Photo Credit: Printsicle

If my friends and family are any sample of the average human, cookies are the way to true joy—we’ll that and love. Seriously, I showed this personalized couple name cookie cutter to my man and he immediately flipped out—he probably cared less about the design and was more excited about the thought of me making cookies, but that’s beside the point, right ladies? Designs simply don’t get any more personal and delectable than this. Planning an engagement or save-the-date party? I love this personalized date ring cookie cutter as a way to share the good news and special date.

Baking In Heels Decorated Wedding Bride and Groom Cookie

Photo Credit: Baking in Heels

Does your doorbell for food delivery get more use than your oven? Let someone else do all the expert work for you! I simply cannot master frosting. There’s way too much precision necessary, and I seriously doubt my ability to be creative. Can we just talk for a second about how this bride and groom decorated cookie is designed in the shape of a heart — genius! I love these as a way to share the news at an engagement party, or even as a token for your wedding party (again, no one dislikes yummy dessert!).

Storica Boutique Gingerbread Heart Cookies

Photo Credit: Storica

As Sam mentioned in her January Bliss Buzz – wedding weekend experiences are growing, including the wedding after brunch. I love this sentimental heart gingerbread cookie as a treat for a bridesmaid tea party or day-after brunch with your guests. Wouldn’t this be a delicious detail to include with a cup of tea or coffee? They can even be purchased as individual packages for wedding favor potential. I love the story behind these cookie too.

From the seller:


These heart-shaped cookies are carefully made by hand, following an artisanal technique from Belgium and the Netherlands. Traditionally offered for Christmas or Valentine, they were a rare and expensive gift. The therapeutic property of the spices was believed to bring good health while the sweetness offered some comfort, especially in the coldest days of winter.

How are you planning to celebrate your Valentine’s Day? Are you doing a night with girlfriends or a special dinner date with your loved one?



Sam H.



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