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Trending – ‘Experience’ Weddings

So ‘experience weddings’ are trending and exploding in popularity right now. What do I mean by ‘experience’? We’re talking comprehensive themes that ‘add value’ for guests at one’s wedding beyond the standard enjoyment of seeing your loved ones get married. We’re seeing this through the rising popularity of destination weddings, as well as interactive photo/video booths and reception activities.


So today I want to dive into how you can brainstorm about how an experience wedding may integrate into your dream wedding vision.


  • 1. Destination Weddings

    Everyone assumes destination weddings are TOO expensive, even if that’s what they’ve always dreamed of for their big day. With a professional wedding planner and travel agent team, you may actually find it’s worthwhile to make the jump to a destination. One, destinations automatically may pair down your wedding to only the ‘essential guests’ [For more on Sam’s destination travel], and to those guests, they are offered additional value that the destination itself could provide.
    I’ll speak from my personal vantage here: for me, my destination is the Caribbean. I’ve always loved Miami and that general ‘island’ or ‘coastal’ vibe, and while I know I would have a hard time making guest cuts on my own (family ALL has to get an invite), but I know only those sincerely committed to me will only follow through on the invite (my family is particularly flaky). Furthermore, my family never takes time to travel for themselves, so I know ‘forcing’ them to share in this experience with me would make it worth any sum that might force me to adjust my budget. Does that make sense? Sometimes you got to spend money to make memories!

    Wedding Cigar Lounge

    Photo Courtesy of Ellen LeRoy Photography


  • 2. Showcase your Personality Through an Interactive Experience

    So this idea is going to look a little different for every couple. For some, photo booths and the selfie game idea fits the couple and is still worth utilizing. For others it might be an extensive ice cream bar (looking at you little sis) decked out in a myriad of varieties and options. I have a friend who worked with her planner to arrange for a host of food truck vendors to show up when the ‘munchies’ started to hit everyone. Or, if you’re like Danielle and Hunter, maybe you have a cigar bar for cigar enthusiast guests!

    Sports Theme Wedding

    Photo Credit: Azuree Wiitala, xo azuree photography


  • 3. Go ALL in on a Theme

    Themes are HUGE now, and for good reason [For more on Sam’s Wedding Planning Tips]. They help synchronize your wedding under one umbrella and actually develop creativity. Want to host an ‘Arabian Nights’ inspired wedding? How awesome would it be to have a little ‘reception bazaar’? I can envision different stalls where guests might receive their thank you favor, walk away with signature tasty treats and drinks, or even learn a little belly dancing? What I want you to walk away with is that centering your ideas around a central theme helps with developing an ‘experience’ that leaves your guests with the powerful excitement over having attended an amazing event.


I hope this helped you consider how to feature an ‘experience wedding’ into your plans! Need help brainstorming or executing your wedding vision? Contact us!



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