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Musts for Destination Wedding Planning

Happy spring everyone! Today we’re back sharing some of our tips for planning a destination wedding. If you ask nearly any wedding professional, you’ll hear over-and-over the importance of hiring expertise when planning your wedding. After all, your wedding is only one day– and you want to enjoy every moment of it, not be stuck planning and managing every detail. The necessity of hiring professionals is only amplified when couples consider planning destination weddings. We’re sharing our MUSTS when considering a destination event.

Puerto Rican Destination Wedding

Photo Credit: Sam H. (author’s own)

  • 1. Planning a Destination Wedding is not Planning a Vacation
    Giddy with excitement over the beautiful ring and joys of planning leads every couple to think a destination wedding will be a vacation, but only with all your friends in attendance. While that can be true, but one can’t forget how challenging a vacation with 75+ guests can be! The expertise and help of a travel agent can help bring to life your vision and be a point person for all travel logistic questions. Not only can a travel agent help with the travel coordination, many agents also have connections and insider tips for maximizing the value your trip.

  • 2. Don’t Assume Anything in a New Destination
    One of the most exciting parts of travel is the new experience. Each destination offers a unique cultural experience full of one-of-a-kind sights, smells, customs, laws, and etiquette. When planning a destination wedding it is critical a couple doesn’t assume practices at home are common worldwide. Your destination location of choice may have a different set of expectations or requirements for getting married, securing vendors, and even offering gratuity. Researching some of these local behaviors and norms in advance is critical to ensuring your day goes as planned.

  • 3. Embrace your Surroundings
    Your guests are traveling from origin sites far and wide to attend your destination nuptials, so be sure to offer them a worthwhile experience. Create opportunities for all guests to develop memories not only at your ceremony and reception, but also among the destination at large — plan a tour, coordinate a private wine tasting, or schedule a high-thrills scuba diving excursion. Embrace the destination and allow your guests to soak up the experience as much as you and your fiance.

  • 4. Consider Time Zones
    One of the most commonly ignored challenges in planning a destination wedding is planning logistics. If you need to chat to a vendor about critical event day details, remember the person on the receiving end could be a dozen time zones away! Do you really want to be dealing with all vendor calls at 11pm? Thinking through the true operations necessary for managing a destination wedding is an important consideration and highlights the importance of coordinated services.

  • 5. Hire a Planner
    Let’s get real, you knew this was going to be on this list! A professional wedding planner is an essential part of any destination wedding. Planners can help you find all the right wedding professionals and assist in coordinating travel, accommodations, decor, attire, and all the details in between. A wedding planner will be sure that your big day is passport ready.

Happy travels brides! If you’re looking for more information about Bliss by Sam’s destination wedding planner expertise, please visit destinations.



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