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Bridesmaids Gifting

Gifts Made for your Maids

Life update over here from me! I’ve just finished being a bridesmaid in a best friends wedding. Seriously, there’s nothing more meaningful than that. All these festive and momentous occasions in my personal life have left me thinking about how important (and fun!) it is to be part of a wedding party. I love all the celebrations and joy you get to share as an intimate party of you select ‘few’. Don’t get me wrong, being a general guest at a wedding is a BIG deal, but there’s just something extra special about being up there in the ceremony photos FOREVER.

I’m lucky to have had a bride who not only picked flattering dresses in style ad color, but she also let us select our own makeup and hair designs (do I have the best friends or what?!). In turn, she also gave us personable ‘thank you’ gifts. So everyone, in honor of my dear friend Alex and the excitement I’ve had from her wedding, these are some of my favorite bridesmaid celebratory items and gifts ideas!

The Ask

Bridesmaid Ask Cards

Photo courtesy of Charm and Fig

After you are asked “the question” you’ve got to pop the question to your own BF (not boyfriend, best friend ;]). I’m such a fan of the cute and enthusiastic card that helps set the tone for how the wedding planning process will be moving forward. Let your maids know you’re celebrating in style with these cute diamond pop and i do foil stamp cards. Seriously, it almost makes me want to ask my girls in advance of an engagement — just so they can see these designs in action!

Bachelorette Fun

As you’re all well aware by this point, I love a classy bachelorette party. Don’t get me wrong, the wild crazy Vegas celebration has its place, but I love low key but detail oriented festivities. In that vein, I introduce to you my chillaxing babe bachelorette vibes — complete with party wear, piñatas, and balloons.

Neon Bachelorette Party Hats

Photo Courtesy of Prepare Wear

When gathering to celebrate you need to make sure each of your gals (or even guys!) have proper party attire. Want to think beyond the typical custom shirts — I give you party ready neon Team Bride hats. Bonus points awarded to those maids of honor who plan a fun beach, pool, or sporting event outing (always great ideas!).

Engagement Ring Balloon

Photo Courtesy of xo, as

Rock the party — literally– with this major gem. For the celebration I love these festive balloons that will really set the tone for the party. This engagement ring balloon also makes for a stellar photo prop for you and your girls as you document all the fun on social media. Trust us, you’ll make all your followers jealous.

Mini Piñata, Conversation Heart: Cheers

Photo Courtesy of The Sparklette

Send off singledom with a roaring toast! We love sharing ‘cheers’ together with this piñata party prop. Planning a fun backyard bash, this flirty mini piñata conversation heart is bound to bring back some memories and cheery maids. As The Sparklette says, “fact: piñatas make people happy.”

Saying Thanks

Hair Tie Bridesmaid Gift

Photo Courtesy of Love Mia Kids

By now you’re aware of how much I value practical gifts. Aside from the deeply personal and individual thank you gifts, I feel the next best thank you is something tremendously useful. With that, I offer you these hair tie bridesmaid gift (complete with cute sayings). You won’t believe how much use they get, even on the dance floor after the ceremony. These hair ties are available in a number of cute designs and colors so you can suit each to your maid’s favorite.

What is the best maids gift or party item you’ve ever seen or received? Share with me below!


Sam H.



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