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Feature Article: 4 Tips to Engage Your Groom in the Decision Making Process

The most important day in your life is in the planning stages. The fact is, most brides don’t realize it is also a significant day for the groom, as well. After all, isn’t he the one that got the ball rolling by popping the question?
Another big misconception is that the groom doesn’t want – or like, for that matter – to be involved in the planning process. This is simply not true. It is not that they don’t enjoy the process, but that we don’t give them enough room to maneuver within the planning process.
With that being said, it’s very unfair to not involve your groom when it comes to the decision making process for the wedding. We know that, in general, most men don’t care about what shade of pink the cocktail napkins will be; however, here are some key things you can do to ensure they enjoy the planning process and your wedding day just as much as you will:
1. Set priorities for the budget together. What is important to you? What is important to him? Talk about each of these areas and ensure funds are allocated appropriately to that budget category. But remember to listen and consider his thoughts. If budgeted correctly, you should have plenty to go around.
2. Once you’ve completed Step 1, put him in charge of choosing the wedding professional for his categories. Remember – only impose on his decision if it goes against the grain for the entire theme of your wedding. Otherwise, sit back and relax. See, doesn’t it feel good to delegate a bit?
3. Let him choose his attire.This is tricky because he most likely hasn’t seen your dress – and shouldn’t see it until the wedding ceremony. The most important pieces of information you need to provide him with are the color of your dress (a swatch would be best because there are many different shades of white and cream) and wedding colors. Again, swatches of linen would be great for him to use. Armed with these, the formal-wear shop will work with him to make a decision on what suit or tuxedo will best complement your dress and formality of the wedding. If you want to go the extra mile, show the salesperson at the formal-wear shop a picture of your dress. They’ve done this enough that they know not to spill the beans!
4. Review the checklist of all the tasks that need to be completed for the wedding. Let him choose the ones he wants to be responsible for. Also, be sure that the time-lines for completion of each task is clearly denoted. If necessary, gentle reminders regarding upcoming due dates are a nice touch but don’t be overbearing. After all, this is the man you’re marrying. Don’t treat him like a child during this process.
Following the tips above will surely assist with smoothing over the planning process for your wedding. Best wishes on your engagement – now how will you get your groom engaged in the process?
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