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Destination Wedding Tips: October 2015 Bliss Buzz

Hey everybody! Welcome to the October edition of Bliss Buzz. I got Sawyer here with me.

Sawyer: What’s up?

Welcome. If this is your first time to Bliss Buzz this is our monthly video where we talk about what’s going on with us, give kudos to some wedding pros, and then give tips to couples that are currently planning their wedding.

So Sawyer and I just recently attended destination weddings

Sawyer: As guests! We didn’t even have to work!

And it was amazing. Mine was in Puerto Rico

Sawyer: Mine was in Mexico just south of Cancun.

So we decided that we would come back and give you guys tips for planning your destination wedding. Alright, so here it goes — and again it is going to be ten tips for planning your destination wedding. Again, its out tenth year in business so we’re doing everything in the number ten.

Sawyer: Top ten

So here we go…

  • 10. Arrive to the Airport Early

    Arrive to the airport early, not only when you’re leaving the states or wherever you’re going, but also when you get into the other country. I made that mistake of on the way back home, I’m going to get to the airport an hour before hand, I almost missed it. Like, cause all the Puerto Rican rules and regulations. And I was like isn’t this a US territory, why we doing all this. So number ten, get to the airport early.

  • 9. Wear Sunscreen

    Wear sunscreen, especially if you’re in a tropical climate. Make sure you are covering your face, because nothing makes things worse than a bride or a groom with sunburn all over their face. And I bring this up because the groom kept wearing a hat. So he had that line across his forehead where he face was red but his forehead was white. So wear sunscreen please!

  • 8. Create a Group Chat

    My girl who got married – Ru—her business is Ru Entertainment and she does videography and amazing videos (so there’s your wedding pro shoutout right there). But she created a group chat so I knew a lot about what was going on and what was expected before I even arrived in Puerto Rico. We used what’s app, which is really good, because you don’t need to essentially rely on cell phone towers and use your data and all that – once you have wifi you’re good. Create a group chat.

  • 7. Don’t Booze it up TOO Much

    This is kind of a given at any wedding, but especially on a destination wedding with those drink packages. And when you can drink as much as you can, some people take it a little bit overboard. Just keep it in moderation.

  • 6. Make Sure you Provide a Welcome Packet

    Make sure you provide a welcome packet for your guests when they arrive. It’s always nice when you can do a cute welcome gift too. Maybe you put some sunscreen in there for them, maybe you provide a little hangover kit in there for them (some aspirin and some other things that might be good for you know, a hangover). If for nothing else, make sure you have an information packet in case someone forgot their invitation and can know what is going on and all the things you have planned.

  • 5. Arrive to the Destination Early

    Arrive to the destination early, especially as a bride. If you show up on the day of your rehearsal, you’re going to be a really crunched for time. You want time to get settled, everything is laid out where you need it to be, so you can be all calm and relaxed on the day of your rehearsal, as well as your wedding day. Get to the destination early.

  • 4. Get Travel Insurance

    Get travel insurance because, again, I was in the Caribbean and there was a hurricane a-coming. Everybody was like oooh, you going? You still going? And I go, I’m from North Carolina. Saywer: I’ll ride a tornado there. I laugh in the face of hurricanes. I’m also like, it hasn’t even made it to category five, get out of here. So it was fine. I was going either way – they would have had to cancel my flight for me not to go. But if in the case you’re not as hurricane savvy as I am, you might want to get travel insurance so you can get your money back if you cancel your trip.

  • 3. Have a Backup Plan

    This is a given again with any wedding, you should always have an emergency backup plan. But especially when you’re somewhere else, and you’re in a destination, and you don’t know where everything is, or you don’t have a buddy who can help you out last minute, make sure you clarify what you’re going to do if it rains, or a tornado comes, or whatever. Just make sure you have a backup plan.

  • 2. Make Sure you Have a Welcome Party

    Make sure you have a welcome party and invite everybody. So this is my first time at a South Asian wedding and they had what they call a mindi (I hope I’m saying that right! – I should have check on that before I did the video). I think it’s called a mindi – a five-hour party where she had belly dancers, her family performed, they had a rose ceremony—it was amazing – and we had dinner too. So, but again, if we have all these people coming in and you definitely want to have a rehearsal dinner – for “everyone”. Sawyer: A mixer for everyone to get to know each other . And it really set the tone for the next day because people who were at my table who I met that night, that’s exactly who I sat with at the wedding the next day. Because in this instance, I didn’t know anybody except the bride (well I knew some of the wedding pros who were working – shout out to Eric, and Tony, and Alvin, it was good to see you guys). So beside those wedding pros, I didn’t know any guests, family, or friends. So it was nice that we had that time together during the mindi.

  • 1. Hire a Planner

    This is probably the most obvious – hire a planner. Especially when you’re going to a destination wedding it is important to have somebody who knows exactly what you want, how you want it to be. Because when you get there and that woman who ‘sold’ you the space, or signed you up online, you talk to her twice on the phone – she’s not your planner! Don’t entrust all the details to somebody who’s job is just to schedule the places – the rooms in the resort. Get a planner, take them with you! Take him with you. No take her. Take us, we’re a team! We’ll go together! So do that, that’s the number one. And I can say – my bride – my bride? – my friend– Ru, who was the bride, she did bring some planners with her from Chicago and they were in charge of everything.

  • So there you go. There’s our top ten personal tips from things we experienced for having a destination wedding. And then bonus tip – hire us ! We’d love to go. We’re fabulous. We’re ready to go. Passport ready! Alright, it was good talking to you guys, we will talk to you next month! Have a happy halloween.



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