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Custom Wedding and Event Snapchat Geofilters

On the heels of Sam’s amazing wedding trends video this month, we wanted to share another hot trend in weddings and events right now – custom Snapchat geofilters . You know those awesome filters you can put on your Snapchat story? Yep, you can customize them for your wedding or event! After all, Instagram is too curated #overit, let’s get raw, authentic, and creative for your big day!

Snapchat is literally exploding in events and small business interest.

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Bliss by Sam Wedding Snapchat

Why a Snapchat geofilter?

  • 1. It is the New Photo Booth

    It is creative, fun, captures memories, and offers video capability. Plus photo booths are so OUT.

  • 2. Easy to Implement and Affordable

    You can either opt for your own DIY graphic design approach, have a creative design friend pitch in, or hire a professional (one option is Over Moment) for a small fee.

  • 3. It Can Tie in with Wedding Colors and/or Theme

    When crafting the design you can easily ensure that it stays “on brand” with your overall event design. It adds a fun personal aspect to the day’s event.

However, remember there are some wedding etiquette points you should ALWAYS observe with social media!

DO: Get Permission from the Couple – Brides and grooms fall into one of two camps, love social media or hate social media. Be sure to respect their wishes before posting and documenting the big day on social media. They might want it to be a sans-technology space for all.

DO: Share the Love – If you have permission to social media document the event, be sure to shout out your favorite creative wedding vendors, guests, and wedding details. You’ll be inspiring everyone with your gorgeous images of the events and paying it forward to the professionals showcasing their craft!

DON’T: Social Media Post any Pre-Ceremony of Bride & Groom – It is a surprise! Do not ruin the reveal. That is part of the magic and joy of a wedding. Resist!

DON’T: Post any Images or Video of the ENTIRE Ceremony – This too is part of a sacred and honored tradition. Trust us, a professional photographer and videographer will be capturing these memories – just sit and enjoy the vows!

For our destination weddings we can have our social media expert capture ‘the happenings’ and post every special event for your family and friends back home to see. Interested in more design and trend ideas for your next Chicago wedding or destination wedding? Let’s chat. We’ll make sure your big day is all the social buzz!

Sam H.



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