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Rave Reviews

We can’t keep up with the compliments we receive! See what our previous clients and wedding/event professionals are saying about our awesome team.


I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did assisting us with Sara’s wedding. Although, the weather was less than cooperative, the event was beautiful and well organized. You and your assistants kept us on track and we really appreciate all of your efforts at making Sara’s day special for everyone.

Thanks so much!


Denise Johnston


Dear Rachel,

Thank you so very much for all of your hard work on our special day. I honestly don’t know how we could have pulled off everything without you. I know I was too much of a mess to handle anything! Thank you especially for coming all the way back to give us Michael’s car keys! I’ll make sure to post a glowing review on theknot.com!


Michelle & Michael Wolfson


The following letter is one of recommendation for Ali Bamberger.

Ali was the consultant for my October 31st, 2009 wedding. Words cannot quite express how grateful we are for the wonderful job that she did. My parents and I were so nervous that things were not going to go as we had planned them. My parents also wanted to be able to enjoy the day and not have to “run the show,” so to speak. Ali allowed them to relax and have fun. As for me, I don’t know what I would have done without her. From the rehearsal at the church, the ceremony the next morning, and then the reception, Ali made sure the wedding party and family members were always where they needed to be.

I very much believe that if it wasn’t for her organization, ingenuity, and perfectionism our wedding would not have run as smoothly as it did.” She made sure that my husband-to-be and his groomsmen were dressed and picked up on time. She also made sure they had their boutonnieres (and that they were pinned on correctly). When I had issues bustling my dress, her, Samantha Dockery, and Rachel Hamm swooped in to rescue me! Furthermore, Ali made sure my husband and I were the first to be served food at our reception. She knew that if I didn’t eat then, it would not happen at all that night. By the way, that was great advice! I don’t know when I would have had time to sit down and enjoy our delicious entrees!

Our friends and family have made numerous comments about how organized and well planned the entire event was. Ali not only made herself accessible to our family and the wedding party, but she was also there to aide our guests in any way possible. As far as I’m concerned, she surpassed any expectations that any bride could ever have. This helped to make my day the most memorable ever.

The week before I got married, my boss gave me some great advice. She told me to be sure to take it all in. She said that when I got to the end of the aisle, to take a moment to look around at everyone that was there because they were all there for my husband and I. She also said that all of those people would probably never be in the same room again, but they were going to be on that day because of how important my husband and I were to them. Thanks to Ali Bamberger, I was able to relax, take a deep breath, take it all in, and enjoy the best day ever!

I would, without at doubt, recommend Ali Bamberger to anyone who needs their day perfectly planned!


Mrs. Stephanie Seville


Dear Sam,
Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort in making Jenny’s wedding a perfect day. All your people were outstanding.


Mrs. Reckleff, Mother of the Bride

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