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Proceed with Caution in DIY Wedding Planning

Hey everybody! Welcome to the June 2016 Edition of Bliss Buzz. For those of you who are new, welcome! This is my monthly video where I talk about what’s going on with me and I give tips to couples that are planning their weddings.

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Feature Dilemma: MUST I have ceremony programs?

One thing I've always been really good at is identifying my strengths and weaknesses. I've known one weakness for a while - I am not good at writing! For those of you who read Bliss Buzz weekly, I'm sure you've noticed a misspelled or missing word here or there. I SWEAR I read what I write at least twice before pushing send, but it never fails. As soon as I open the email in my inbox - I see the mistakes. Why is that?? Drives me bonkers! Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm aware of this "issue"....


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25 Wedding Favor Ideas by Vanessa Kasal Kunze

This week's feature article was written by Vanessa Kunze. In a nutshell, here's what I say about favors - if they can't eat it or if it's not something that will be used on a daily basis - FORGET IT! Now here's what Vanessa says: ...Continue Reading

Favors Galore!

Looking for a way to say thank you to all your guests who have come from near and far to celebrate your big day? Need a way to say thank you to your bridesmaids? Your aunts threw you a beautiful wedding shower and you want to give them a small token of your appreciation. Favors are the best way to say thanks and they can be personalized with your wedding date, monogram, or other unique detail. Below are some of my favorites!

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Do the ‘Do

In addition to having the perfect wedding gown, amazing shoes, & flawless makeup, one must also have FABULOUS wedding day hair. There are a few things that brides tend to overlook when it comes to their hair for the big day. These things are very simple and they will help to make your hair not only look beautiful, but ensure it will last throughout the night!  We all know you will be dancing the night away so here are a few key tips that will ensure your ‘do stays looking good.

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