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Bliss Buzz – January 2015

Happy New Year!


We are so excited for 2015 and Bliss by Sam. Why? Because it is our tenth anniversary this year and July I will have been in business for ten years and it’s been so long. I mean, every time I tell people that, my family and friends, they are like ‘Wow, ten years?’ I’m like, “Yes, ten years.’ So everything we do this year is going to be about our ten-year anniversary and everything is going to be ten, ten, ten. So if you’re already tired of me saying the number ‘ten,’ then I’m sorry because I already probably said it ten times in this video, and I’m probably going to say it ten more times!



Um, but to those of you who are new to Bliss Buzz ‘Welcome,’ this is our monthly e-video where I talk about what’s going on with me, what’s going on with wedding pros of mine, and I give tips to clients who are—or future clients—who are in the process of planning their wedding.


So I apologize in advance because this video is going to be a little long just because I have a lot to say.  Normally I only give four or five points during this video, but since this year everything is about ‘ten’ I’m going to give ‘ten’!


So what’s going on with Sam? I am planning many, many activities for our ten year anniversary. So be on the look out for what is going on with us and any specials or deals that I am running based on that and you can catch that on all our social media websites, which you can find on our website – or our social media platforms, rather—which you can find on my website www.blissbysam.com. So that’s all that’s been going on with me. On New Year’s Eve I went to my first wedding on New Year’s Eve that I didn’t have to work; my friend Farrah’s wedding and she had these cool party favors and I was like, ‘I’m going to use them for my January Bliss Buzz.’ And by the way, I know this is like a week late, and I normally send it out on the 15th, but I was like ‘Hey I’m doing it now’.  Right, so,  Happy New Year, (horn!) Happy Birthday Bliss (horn!). Enough with the horn? Alright!


While I give my wedding tips I’ll shout out some pros. So let’s get to the tips! Um, this month I’m going to talk about ten things that have changed in the wedding industry since I’ve been a planner. So since 2005 we’ve seen some things that were very traditional that are now like out. So here we go. I’m going to try and talk really, really quickly because I know our videos are supposed to be short.

  1. The bride wearing all white
    OR being the only one wearing all white during the wedding is OUT. And we know this from Kim Kardashian who did it thirty times that way before she married Kanye, and I’m not throwing any shade because I know white really is Kim’s favorite color (so she say!). And Solange did it as well last year when she got married. So, at the end of the day I’m just like Solange took it to another level.  So if you’re not going to Solange level or better—and I don’t even know how you do can do all better—umm, just forget that. But it’s okay if you’re not, as a bride the only one in white on your wedding day, if you want it that way.

  3. Wedding Parties are no longer huge
    They’re much, much smaller than they have been. And I think we really started seeing that trend after William and Kate got married that she only had her sister and his brother and after that people we’re like, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna knock this wedding party down to the more reasonable number.’ So that’s definitely been on trend for the past couple years.

  5. Chair Covers
    I haven’t seen chair covers, and I don’t want to see chair covers. I didn’t like chair covers when I started back in 2005. And I’m talking about the polyester ones that look like sheets and then you try and tie a bow on it and think that’s going to make it cute? Done with those. Those are out. Now we have Wildflower Linen— which I love— that do awesome, awesome chair treatments, so that’s what you want to do now.

  7. Programs
    Again, something since 2005 I’ve never been a fan of. And a lot of people are really getting away from having ceremony programs. Unless you have something in your ceremony that really needs to be explained, forget it. Everybody knows the story, boy met girl, or boy met boy, or girl met girl, right? They fell in love, somebody asked somebody to marry them and they going to have a ceremony, they going to say some vows, they’re going kiss, and then we’re going to go to the party. Why we got to write that down? No. Forget the programs.

  9. Aisle Runners
    Thank god. Because they never roll out correctly, and then they’re all wrinkled, then people be tripping on them. Forget them. They used to be really big when I first started, nobody is really doing aisle runners anymore. Instead, people are doing floor treatments on the aisle and designs and they are gorgeous. My girl—vendor shout out—Tonya, Petal Creations in Greensboro, North Carolina just did it for one for a wedding we did back in September at The Garden on Millbrook. You can see her work on her Facebook page, as well as our page – we just posted Brandy and Jeremy’s photos—so you can see what I’m talking about as far as an aisle treatment. That’s what’s new and in.

  11. Couple not seeing each other before the wedding
    Out. People are doing what they call ‘First Looks,’ where they take the time to take some photos and we stage the first look like the first time they see each other before the wedding – that’s really popular now.

  13. Engagement Photos
    Another thing now that is more staged too. People aren’t just coming into studios anymore, they’re getting really, really creative and I talked about this too—I think it was my October Bliss Buzz, maybe November of last year (it was October :]). Check that video out after this one!

  15. Social Media
    Social media has drastically changed, I mean it has drastically changes every year. When I started we didn’t have Pinterest (our Pinterest page is here!), we didn’t have those things; style boards were still very much 3D. And now, you guys are definitely online for all types of resources. Instagram people are creating their own #hashtags for their events and weddings. So social media has really changed the game on how you guys ‘advertise’ your wedding, as well as, the way we as wedding pros advertise.

  17. Online Resources
    Again, that goes into things like weddingwire.com where you can go to that site and see our reviews. So, a lot of online resourcing is now available, there’s more than I can even think to start to name, but that’s another change over the past ten years.

  19. Budgets are Getting Bigger
    But, people are spending differently too, so budgets are bigger, and I think we went through a period, where you know, there was a slump with the economy and people were cost saving. But at one time the luxury was spent all on the event, the flowers, the design, the décor, and that still happens, but I think the new generation now—with the bigger budgets—they’re doing more with guest experiences.  So there’s more brunches, there’s more things when people come into town, there’s more guest activities outside of just that wedding day. So we’re definitely seeing those and helping clients put those together.


There you go. It looks like this video is at seven minutes—longer than normal—I promise I’m going to try and make them shorter in the future (it’s just hard to get ten things in!). But, if you have any more questions, comment, hit us up on the blog. Otherwise, follow us on Facebook, instagram, we’re at blissbysam.com. You guys have a great January and I’ll see you February for Valentine’s Day. Bye!



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